Why eologix-Ping sensor systems?

By merging eologix and Ping Services into one company, we aim to become the world’s leading provider of rotor blade monitoring for wind turbines with our smart sensor systems, thereby increasing the efficiency of wind energy production.

Optimum performance for your turbine

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    Increase your AEP

    From blade damage detection, icing detection, pitch angle measurement to lightning detection – the eologix-Ping systems support you in early-stage change monitoring of blade health. By preventing downtimes and ensuring optimal turbine efficiency, our cutting-edge technology empowers your wind farm to achieve its highest performance potential.

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    Reliable detection on the entire rotor blade

    With the eologix-Ping sensor systems you can keep an eye on the condition and operation of your turbine. Our sensors enable spot measurements directly on the rotor blade surface as well as acoustic measurements inside the rotor blade or on the tower of the turbine. They can also be used for any wind turbine, anywhere and in any life cycle.

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    Avoid damage and subsequent costs

    Icing, pitch angle misalignments, or lightning strikes can accelerate wear and tear on critical components. Our advanced monitoring systems enable early detection and prevention of these issues, ensuring heightened safety, reduced OPEX costs, and the avoidance of damages and their associated expenses.

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    Optimize inspection processes

    Regular monitoring of blade health ensures that inspections are carried out based on actual data. By reducing unnecessary and routine inspections, the frequency and efficiency of inspections can be optimized, resulting in cost savings on manpower and resources.

Wind Operations 2021

Ensuring safe wind turbine through continuous monitoring

We combine our services to create a holistic monitoring system that allows wind turbine operators to monitor the condition of the rotor blades with “hands, ears and eyes”, so to speak. This is made possible by our proven sensor systems for blade damage detection, ice detection, pitch angle measurement and lightning strike detection.

Fully automated operation under icing conditions

A corresponding distribution of sensors on the rotor blade enables an automatic restart by detecting the absence of ice. The detection of ice build-up is also included. We also offer systems with “ice stop” only, without automatic restart.

Temperature measurement for preventive heating

Do you have a heating for rotor blades? The measurement of the surface temperature at each sensor unit offers the possibility to monitor or evaluate the effectiveness of a rotor blade heating system. Depending on the manufacturer, the measured temperature values can also be transferred to the SCADA system of the wind turbines.

Continuous monitoring of relative pitch angles

The on-blade sensor system detects relative pitch angle errors as they occur through continuous measurement, in contrast to measurements taken from the ground, thus preventing further damage and subsequent costs.

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Reliable damage detection

The on-tower and in-blade systems utilize sound emissions or noise from damage to detect potential issues. By analyzing changes in the sound patterns, these advanced systems can accurately identify the type of damage, enabling prompt initiation of appropriate measures.

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Lightning detection system

With this lightning detection option, you will receive lightning strike alerts within 30 minutes, precisely identifying which of your wind turbines has been affected.

eologix Sensor für Eisdetektion bei Windkraftanlagen montiert am Windrad

We boost sustainable technologies

With our sensor technology, we ensure that wind turbines run optimally in all weather conditions and achieve optimum performance. This is how we create sustainable values for our customers and for the environment.

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    We are boosting sustainable technologies to secure a sustainable future

    That is why our company was founded. Because day after day, our sensors help you get the most out of the wind.

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    Reliable sustainable energy for all

    The most out of the wind, to make green energy even more attractive and save tonnes of CO2 year by year. We want to create a world that is powered entirely by renewable energy sources. We are helping to ensure that the supply of green energy works reliably, making green energy even more attractive.

Innovative sensor technology

Maximizing the annual energy yield of your wind turbines relies on their proper functioning and swift detection and repair of any damage or rotor blade misalignment. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure the best possible performance and efficiency of your turbines, empowering you to harness their full potential.

Überblick über die On Tower-, In Blade- und On Blade-Sensorsysteme.

On-tower monitoring

The on-tower system continuously measures and analyzes the changes in the sound generated by blade damage. It is attached magnetically to the base of the tower of the wind turbine at a height of approximately four meters.

In addition to blade damage, the system can also detect lightning strikes. With this system you will receive lightning strike alerts within 30 minutes, precisely identifying which of your wind turbines has been affected.

On Tower Sensorsystem von eologix-Ping.

In-blade monitoring

The in-blade system is installed at the blade access panel, or within the blade depending on preference. There it uses sound emission to detect root zone structural damage.

In Blade Sensorsysteme von eologix-Ping.

On-blade detection – directly on the rotor blade surface

The on-blade sensor system is installed directly on the surface of the rotor blade. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, it offers reliable icing detection, precise surface temperature measurement for preventive heating, and the capability to identify even the slightest rotor blade misalignments under different turbine operating conditions.

Key factors that set it apart include:

  • Energy buffer with rechargeable battery (for +1,000 hours)
  • Energy source thanks to flexible solar cell
  • Ice detection directly on the blade surface
  • Temperature measurement with an accuracy of ±0.25°C
  • Inertial data thanks to high resolution inertial measurement unit
  • Wireless data transmission with a minimum range of 250m to the base station

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