Ice detection and temperature measurement on wind turbine rotor blades

Ice accumulation on wind turbines has a relevant influence on operational management during the cold season. In addition to reduced yield due to altered aerodynamic properties, the safety of the turbine and its surroundings is a central issue.

For early and accurate detection of icing, eologix offers – also retrofittable – sensor systems based on wireless, flexible and energy-autonomous smart sensors measuring directly on the surface of the rotor blades.

System components


Wireless and flexible smart sensors are powered by solar energy almost indefinitely. Each sensor measures the temperature with an accuracy of 0.25°C and indicates the icing condition in several discrete levels. The unique, patented design (flexible, less than 2 mm thick) allows the sensors to be mounted on almost any part of the rotor blade, as well as on other structures such as the nacelle or tower. The mounting is done by using a self-adhesive erosion protection foil.

Base station (receiving unit)

The base station (one unit per installation) receives the data packages sent out by the sensors via radio. It is typically installed as a component in the nacelle, but can also be mounted in the spinner, in the tower base or on the ground. Several variants of communication interfaces (e.g. ModbusTCP, relay changeover contacts, GSM/3G, Ethernet, etc.) are available to integrate the data into plant control, SCADA systems or condition monitoring systems.


On request, we also offer access to our online dashboard. Here, live data as well as historical data can be viewed and exported.

eologix system




Stop at ice accumulation

With this product, a signal is generated according to the algorithm as per DNV component certificate, which signals the system to stop due to safety-relevant icing.



Automatic restart

An appropriate density of sensors on the rotor blade enables automatic restart by ice-free detection.

The detection of ice accumulation (eologix:safe) is also included.



Preventive heating

The measurement of the surface temperature per sensor offers the possibility to monitor or evaluate the effectiveness of a rotor blade heating system. Depending on the manufacturer, the measured temperature values can also be transferred to the SCADA system.