Smart sensors for comprehensive rotor blade operations insights

Reducing production losses, while extending wind turbine component life-time

Our sensors  are installed all along the blade surface up to the tip, directly measuring the impacts of operations in any section of the blade.

  • Increase the energy output by reducing downtimes
  • Lower running costs
  • Extending the life-time of wind turbine components
  • Secure System – always measuring whether the turbine is rotating or not

Why eologix

Reliable detection anywhere on the blade

Safety ensured even during turbine stop or idling

No third party data (SCADA data) needed in order to work

Fully automated operation

What you can do with eologix sensor systems

Blade condition monitoring directly on the rotor blade surface
Ice detection | Temperature measurement | Pitch misalignmnet


eologix offers (retrofittable) sensor systems for early and exact detection of ice accumulation and pitch misalignment based on wireless, flexible, smart and energy-self-sufficient sensors installed directly on the surface of rotor blades.

Up to 80% less downtime

Exact ice detection reduces the downtime of your wind turbine by up to 80% per year - Highest safety and lowest possible losses at all times during operation

Extend the lifespan

Icing on the rotor blade results in a temporary imbalance, which accelerates the fatigue of all components - this can be prevented by an ice detection system

Ensure safety

Ensures that service technicians and any trepasser is safe in any turbine operation mode

How does it work


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What others say about us

Ing. Fotios Chitzios l Technical Operation Manager STAWAG Energie GmbH, Germany

“The eologix system is uncomplicated and easy to install. The technology is simple but of good quality and does a very good job. The system reacts quickly and very precisely. An additional positive effect was the good project cooperation with eologix the support was very good.“

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