3rd annual wind turbine icing and ice prevention forum

Where: Online Event
When: Dec 8-9, 2020

eologix is part of the 3rd annual wind turbine icing and ice prevention forum!

Ice accumulation on wind turbine rotor blades has a crucial impact on operation and maintenance. Lower return due to aerodynamic imbalances as well as safety of the power plant and its surroundings are of central importance.

eologix offers (retrofittable) sensor systems for early and exact detection of ice build-up based on wireless, flexible, smart and energy-self-sufficient sensors installed directly on the surface of rotor blades.

Thomas Schlegl

Thomas Schlegl | managing director of eologix sensor technology gmbh

Aboutt the 3rd annual wind turbine icing and ice prevention forum

Atmospheric icing has a significant impact on the development and the operation of wind turbines. Ice on the rotor blades disturbs the aerodynamics and thus causes production losses and increased noise emissions. Depending on the requirements from local authorities wind turbine operators have to prevent ice throw from the turbines leading to additional downtimes and production losses. Thus, an optimized and efficient operation of wind turbines under icing conditions has become a very important topic over the last couple of years.

The impact of icing on wind turbines and energy production in different regions is a severe problem. Therefore, emphasis on developing ice mitigation systems has become a significant part of the wind energy conversion systems. These systems use various technologies and have different specifications, sometimes with no clear indication of their efficiency. Since the effect of cold climate on wind turbines is complex, not every ice protection system is suitable for a given wind farm. Therefore, the aim of this forum is to compare the existing ice mitigation solutions and provide an indication on their efficiency.

In this Wind Turbine Icing and Ice Prevention Forum, we intend to effectively Identifying the key Anti-icing and De-icing solution strategies for wind Turbines, Identify benefits associated with the prevention of ice on a turbine’s aerodynamic performance, Identifying ways to maximize energy production while minimizing risk to the structural integrity of the wind Turbines and Ice mitigating solution Strategies with Ice Protection Techniques and System.



  • 2 days – Interactive sessions, panel discussions, networking & experience exchange
  • Expert speakers – Industry leading companies, thought leaders
  • Attendees – limited number high-level participation


  • Wind Power in Cold Climate
  • Synergies between Wind Turbine and Drone Icing
  • Condition Monitoring System for wind Turbine in Icing Conditions
  • The Concept and Potential of Icephobic Coatings
  • Risk Assessment for Ice Fall and Ice Throw
  • Ice Detection for De-icing of Wind Turbines
  • Anti-icing and De-icing Technology for Wind Turbines in Cold climate
  • Identifying benefits associated with the prevention of ice on a turbine’s aerodynamic performance
  • Ice mitigating solution Strategies(s)
  • Ice Protection Techniques and Systems


We are looking forward to seeing you at the forum. Everything abouth the event can be found here.