Why eologix sensor systems?

Optimum performance for your turbines

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    Increases your AEP

    Detect changes in your wind turbine at an early stage. Whether pitch angle errors or icing – we support you for the optimum performance.
    Because with a relative deviation of only 1°, the AEP is reduced by up to 3% (without taking into account further consequential costs and damage). In the case of icing, we can reduce downtimes by up to 80% compared to nacelle-based systems. We would be happy to calculate your individual return on investment.

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    Reliable detection on the entire rotor blade

    eologix sensors enable spot measurements directly on the rotor blade surface – they can be mounted almost anywhere on the rotor blades (if required also on the tower and nacelle) and thus directly detect even the slightest changes. The systems are redundantly equipped and independent of SCADA data, making them particularly reliable, highly available and usable for any wind turbine.

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    Avoid damage and subsequent costs

    Icing and pitch angle misalignments on the rotor blade result in imbalance, which accelerates the wear of all components – this can be detected and avoided at an early stage by using eologix sensor systems.

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    All-in-one – We are here for you.

    We see ourselves not only as a hardware supplier but as a partner for the overall order. We are happy to take care of everything for you, from planning and installation to commissioning. If you wish, we can also support you throughout the entire life cycle of your wind turbines – without any effort from your side.


Wind Operations 2021

Continuous monitoring directly on the rotor blade

Among other things, our sensor systems detect ice, determine the surface temperature and measure the relative pitch angle in all operating conditions of your turbines.

Fully automated operation under icing conditions

A corresponding distribution of sensors on the rotor blade enables an automatic restart by detecting the absence of ice. The detection of ice build-up is also included. We also offer systems with “ice stop” only, without automatic restart.

Temperature measurement for preventive heating

The measurement of the surface temperature at each sensor unit offers the possibility to monitor or evaluate the effectiveness of a rotor blade heating system. Depending on the manufacturer, the measured temperature values can also be transferred to the SCADA system of the wind turbines.

Continuous monitoring of relative pitch angles

The eologix:align sensor system detects relative pitch angle errors as they occur through continuous measurement, in contrast to measurements taken from the ground, thus preventing further damage and subsequent costs.

eologix Sensor für Eisdetektion bei Windkraftanlagen montiert am Windrad

We boost sustainable technologies

With our sensor technology, we ensure that wind turbines run optimally in all weather conditions and achieve optimum performance. This is how we create sustainable values for our customers and for the environment.

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    We are boosting sustainable technologies to secure a sustainable future

    That is why eologix was founded. Because day after day, our sensors help you get the most out of the wind.

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    Reliable sustainable energy for all

    The most out of the wind, to make green energy even more attractive and save tonnes of CO2 year by year. We want to create a world that is powered entirely by renewable energy sources. We are helping to ensure that the supply of green energy works reliably, making green energy even more attractive.


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Innovative sensor technology

1. Energy buffer

The system offers a rechargeable battery for a buffer function for 1000 hours and more.

2. Energy source

A flexible solar cell ensures an unlimited power supply.

3. Ice detection

Ice thickness and other coverings (such as dirt) are measured directly on the blade surface.

4. Temperature measurement

The surface temperature is measured with an accuracy of ±0.25°C.

5. Inertial data

High-resolution inertial measurement unit

6. Wireless

No cabling and drilling in the blade. The sensor transmits data with a minimum range of 250m to the base station.

Certified and well proven

installed on more than 700 wind turbines

Optimum performance

Highly available



Detects changes as they occur

High redundancy

Tested and awarded by leading certification bodies and foundations, including TÜV Nord, DNV and Solar Impulse Foundation. In use by several major wind turbine manufacturers and companies worldwide.


Well proven alternative to other systems

nacelle-based IDS

eologix system

other blade-based IDS

Sensor position


Outside on the blade surface

Inside the rotor blade

Temperature measurement




Preventive heating




Min. required wind speed for ice detection




SCADA data required




Calibration for ice detection

not necessary

not necessary


Automatic restart possible



yes, starting at 2-3m/s

Installation sensors

Screwed nacelle

Self-adhesive on the blade

Glued inside the blade

Measurement of relative pitch angles


yes – continously

no (partial imbalance indicator)

eologix vs. ground-based systems for pitch angle measurement

In contrast to ground-based systems, the eologix:align system detects relative pitch angle errors at an early stage through continuous monitoring and provides an automatic warning message. The eologix system can be used at any location (including forest, offshore, etc.) as well as on any wind turbine and also offers the possibility of correlation with turbine data (including evaluation of pitch via rotor speed).

eologix pitch angle monitoring:

of the relative pitch angles
Offshore/onshore, in the forest, independent of weather, any wind turbine in any life cycle stage
Correlation with the turbine data is possible

eologix vs. nacelle-based ice detection

The flow conditions at the nacelle are different from those at the rotor blade. On the one hand, these are naturally due to the rotation of the rotor blades, on the other hand to the different heights above ground. Especially due to the trend towards even larger rotor diameters and increasing tower heights, an ever greater effect can be foreseen here in the future.
Due to this situation, the sensors must be designed to be correspondingly sensitive and conservative in order to be able to reliably detect ice accumulation. However, this can lead to the turbine being shut down earlier than actually needed. Furthermore, the measurement on the nacelle cannot determine at what point the icing on the rotor blades is gone again. Therefore, no automatic restart is possible with such systems.


eologix vs. other blade-based systems for ice detection

Completely different technologies – vibration-based systems measure indirectly inside the blade and thus conclude on ice, and always need a minimal excitation of the rotor blades by the wind. These systems use the change in the eigenfrequency of the blades to draw conclusions about possible ice accumulation. Therefore, no ice can be measured when the turbine is idling or at a standstill, which means that no ice can be detected during this period – furthermore, the systems need data from the wind turbine in order to work.


Best-in-class: Independent study from VGB

In the course of the VGB project, a comprehensive field test was carried out in which four rotor blade-based ice detection systems were installed and tested on the same wind turbine.
The field test was carried out at the Stor-Rotliden wind farm in Västerbotten, Sweden on a Vestas V-90.

Results for the eologix ice detection system:

The only system that can differentiate between different types of ice
Independent of SCADA data
Ice detection also possible while idling and at standstill

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