Ice detection to optimise your wind turbine

Learn how you can increase the yield of your wind turbine using a precise ice detection

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Ice formation on wind turbines has a relevant influence on operational management in the cold season. In addition to reduced yield due to changed aerodynamic properties, the safety of the system and its surroundings is a key issue.


In this whitepaper you will find out why precise ice detection is relevant, the different solutions for ice detection and how they differ and the benefits by using an ice detection system.

One thing is certain: Precise ice detection and temperature measurement means more yield for your wind turbine..

We show you exactly how you can achieve this with your wind turbine in our whitepaper. Therefore, we summarise the results of some relevant studies so that you can get a clear picture.


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We will address the following questions in our whitepaper ice detection:

Why is ice detection necessary?

… we show the problems caused by icing and explain the need for an ice detection system

Which solutions for ice detection are available?

… we present different technologies for ice detection

Why is an ice detection system worth it?

… find out how you can increase the yield of your wind turbine by using a modern ice detection
system and how to further benefit

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