Ice detection and temperature measurement on rotor blades of wind turbines

Ice accumulation on wind turbine rotor blades has a crucial impact on operation and maintenance. Lower return due to aerodynamic imbalances as well as safety of the power plant and its surroundings are of central importance.

eologix offers (retrofittable) sensor systems for early and exact detection of ice build-up based on wireless, flexible, smart and energy-self-sufficient sensors installed directly on the surface of rotor blades.

System components


The sensors are wireless, flexible, smart and almost infinitely powered by daylight. They measure temperature with an accuracy of 0.25°C and indicate the level of icing in several distinct levels. Due to the unique, patented design (flexible, less than 2mm thick) the sensors can be attached to almost any part of the rotor blade, as well as other structures, such as the nacelle or the tower. It is attached using a self-adhesive, industry standard erosion protection tape.

Base station

The base station (one per turbine) receives the data packets over a radio link and is typically mounted in the nacelle close to the top box, but can also be located at the spinner, in the tower or on ground. Multiple data interfaces are offered, such as ModbusTCP, relay contacts, GSM/3G, Ethernet, etc., in order to transfer the measurement data to the turbine controller, SCADA systems and/or condition monitoring systems.


eologix safe: Stop at ice accumulation

This product signals a safety relevant stop at icing according to the DNV-GL certificate.

eologix restart: Automatic re-start

Automatic restart requires a higher number of sensors, which depends on the length of the rotor blades. With the eologix restart system, the necessary positions for ice detection are covered multiple times. Thus, every eologix restart system is also suitable for ice detection.

eologix heat: Preventive heating

Quantification on several levels on every single sensor of the rotor blade detects icing early on and can be evaluated accordingly. Depending on site and wind turbine, several prerequisites can be parameterized for rotor blade heating during operation. Integration into system control depends on the equipment manufacturer. eologix offers several interfaces with system control. Options, such as monitoring including alerts via e-mail or text message, can be found in our product portfolio.