In the winter season 2018/2019, eologix sensors have been installed for the first time on a railway track switch in the Swiss Alps. For the first time, the true icing status and temperatur distribution on several critical components of the device could be successfully measured.

Currently eologix is working at the common project “Development of a Condition-Based and Predictive Railway Monitoring System for Railway and Rolling Stock” together with market leaders in the industry. In this project, digital key technologies for the railway

system will be developed through a comprehensive, cross-sector research cooperation in order to implement condition monitoring in this sector and to make the next step towards predictive maintenance as a standard method of operation. This is crucial to increase the  availability of existing infrastructures while life cycle costs are reduced. By offering digital servies, the worldwide  technological leadership and competitiveness of the railway infrastructure industry in Austria and Europe is to be sustainably secured.

Also in this environment, eologix customized energy-autonomous, easily retrofittable sensors have the key advantage for measurement data acquisition.