Flexible, robust and suitable anywhere: eologix sensor system monitors your plant

“Industry 4.0” and “condition monitoring” are more than buzzwords for eologix. Due to their mechanical flexibility, easy and fast installation, as well as durability in harsh conditions, eologix sensors are the perfect product for measurements in all difficult areas. eologix sensors are retrofittable and thus ideal for data acquisition in already existing big plants, which are usually built for decades of operation.


  • Detection of vibrations, temperature or leakage in pipelines in plant engineering. The crucial advantage here is the mechanically flexible installation of our sensors. They can be mounted on almost any surface within a few minutes.
  • Rotating parts, such as rollers and shafts for mechanical power transmission: No need for wiring, due to its wireless data transmission. Because of its minimal weight and height and the even mass distribution, even the slightest mechanical manipulation can be measured (if, for example, vibration behavior during operation over time is examined).
  • Facades/roofs: Our technology is originally designed for outdoor use. Here, the obvious advantage is the lasting energy self- sustainability due to re-charging by the sun.
  • Hazardous areas: Areas that are difficult to reach and surfaces under electrical voltage usually do not allow for wires or frequent manual measurements. eologix technology with its complete encapsulation and electrical isolation are the obvious choice.